Medical Camp:
Trust provides medicines and medical care and eye operation to all patients completely free of charge In the deeply rural and urban areas Of Anantapur the village people are suffering from medical and medicines. It is the quote common nowadays especially poor people are making a lot of desis like allergy asthma etc in our local areas this is all situation is generating munch more new discs to decreased growth of children’s, life span and even death also. these are all situation keeping in mind our trust began free mega medical camp in the year 2014 we give medical care around 3,250 patients with the best medical equipment, staffed by volunteer doctors and supplied best medicines and but it is a partial solution to the problems to make a challenging discussion on doses to do medical and medicine distribution in every year in January with the raise funds with money peoples and to distribute poor people around we gave the medical care around 20,000 patients and our trust was planning to build a hospital in our ashram.