Food Distribution:

A charity function was organized under the auspices of Sri Sri Sri Paramapitha Sri Venkataramanachara Guruvu Charitable Trust on Monday at the RTC bus stand premises in the town. Paramasansthanam Sri Sri Sri Paramapita Sri Venkataramanacharya Guruvu Charitable Trust conducted a charity function on the occasion of the 6th Worship Festival. Paramapitha Sri Sri Sri Venkataramanacharya Guruvu Trust President Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mataji and Tehsildar Mahaboob Basha inaugurated the charity function. They preached that rice is the form of Parabrahma, that by giving alms one attains reincarnation, attains parabrahma, the path to salvation is envisioned, and that parabrahma seeks Himself in those who perform the breathless service and reaches his doorstep. He also said that the service of charity was more important than all other services and the services rendered by the Parama Sansthan beyond the castes had brought great fame to the Paramapita Sansthan for the last 6 years. The event was attended by Ashok Kumar, Ramanjineyulu, Mallikarjuna, Nagbhushan, and others.