The Founder



Mataji was born in the 1986 year in the village of Bangarupeta (Tirupathi) and studied in their village till the age of 10 Class. Mataji and she’s family came to Dharmavaram village for livelihood where Mataji continued her education till degree. Mataji Garu has loved spiritual prophecies since her small age So Mataji was educated by a guru in the village where She lived. At that time, she also practiced yoga with his prophecies with the knowledge that she had practiced at that time, that Parabrahma in creation, that is, his Guru, knew what the truth was and dedicated she’s life to it. Then Mataji began to Service association physically, respecting everyone that there is Parabrahma in every single being. The Veda mantra of how many relics are near his guru is self-evident in recitation.

With the grace, kindness, and compassion of the Guru, his unselfish Dharma Parmathma was founded by the Sri Sri Sri Paramapita Sri venkataramanacharya Guruvu Charitable Trust. Hence the practice of pure yoga, which is the transcendence of spiritual intimacy, is the practice of the one and only Ekatadosatvada Paramasiddhantam, the absence of the remnant of Nishkama. Yoga is the true religion for all and gives Experience that transcendental truth that is inherently non-existent by self-realization. And the remnant service of Nishkama is heartless righteousness, that is, the servant is always taught that he is a slave servant rather than a servant. The Dharma Sutra was established by the Gurus under the auspices of Parmasamasthanam to provide educational medical health care to the poor, employment to the disabled, farmers, the blind, orphans, and giving a free Tailoring, Computer training for poor women. This aspiration status is the verbal experience of Peoples, the cultivating experience of many births with the cultivating potential of the Guru, by the grace of the Guru, the empathy of the Guru, the experience of the Guru. This aspirational status is a verbal experience that can be cultivated with many births cultivable. By the grace of the Guru, I feel the knowledge, power, and sattvic reforms of these Satya Parmatma spirits, with the sattvic rites, and with the Guru’s grace, who are constantly blessed with the blessings of the Guru, who are constantly guiding the truths of the Guru, with the specific Feeling self-conscious.

The Guru handed over our name to Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mataji with his own hands. By the grace of Guru, the mind has been accustomed to devotional thoughts since childhood and with the thought of Guru’s quest, the mind has been stimulated to think without thinking about why we are born and why we are dying. As well as being able to realize that all the virtuous and non-spiritual Brahman experience is permanent and dedicated to this Guruseva, one should practice yoga and experience the knowledge of Parmajnana with the intention of attaining the unique Moksha-free experience by the causes we established Yoga Tapasvi Ashram was established.


The essence of this Paramasamathanam is show that Parabrahma is the truth in creation because creation and the living beings in creation are created by Parabrahma.


Parabrahmam is present in every living being in creation, So this Parasamasthanam is built on the idea that one should serve every living being.