Parama Yogamu:

The quality of experiencing self-realization with the feeling of Nithyananda being selfless, Athma Yoga is the way to practice the eternal Dharma of the true divine soul in this world.
The lifeless truth of charity is Immateriality, Subtlety, and Introspection of Collective Unity Unity Specificity Unity is the practice of Athma Yoga
  • Immateriality (Self-union): Self-union is the direct attachment of the soul to the soul, which has bonds with the living entity (Immateriality).
  • Subtlety (Soul set): How all living beings separate the soul from their body in their own form the microcosm of the soul is the set of souls in which the samskarna feature of the soul is observed (Subtlety).
  • Introspection: Self-integration is the direct cultivating of the truth about how the reincarnation of all living beings is determined by the biological consciousness of the departed soul.
How can all living beings be born with the biological attribute of the soul reincarnation (karma), How does karma shape the nature of all living beings and their attributes Characteristic of omnipotence How the omnipotent omniscient is perceived, Karma is grasped by karma. , Relationship of causality to causality by causation, the magic of Brahma is the magic of death and the magic of death, That magic transforms karma into that karma omniscient, The omnipotent Buddhi Brahmam is always taught to the self-integrated ensemble that is the residual soulless Remembering specific Remember for the cause of the non-existent of will always be taught.