Medical Camp:

Sri Sri Sri Paramapitha Sri Venkataramanacharya Guruvu Charitable Trust Peetadipathi Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mathaji on Thursday at Salakam Cheruvu Zilla Parishath High School under the patronage of Sri Parmapita Venkataramanacharya Guruvu 5th Worship Festival Carried out. About 2,000 patients suffering from various ailments came from all over the region. Dr. Srinivasan, Dr. Suryaprakash, Penukonda Bhaskar, Rajakullayappa, Dr. Abhishek, and Dr. Narasimha conducted medical examinations for the patients and distributed medicines free of cost. The Mega medical camp received an unexpected response as 2,000 people underwent medical tests on the occasion. Afterward, the villagers came there for medical check-ups and conducted a charity program for the patients. The event was attended by Manijnanasree, Ashwarthanarayana, Sivayya, villagers, and others.