Free Jukki Power Training Program:

Several spokespersons said that women should start a dignified life with sewing training. Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mataji presided over the inaugural function of the Free Jukki Power Garment Missions Pre-Training Center under the auspices of Paramasamasthanam Trust Board under the auspices of Sri Sri Sri Paramapita Sri Venkataramanacharya Guruvu Charitable Trust Dharmavaram at Ambedkar Bhavan in Narpala, the center of the region. The chief guests were MP Aakula Aruna, Sarpanch Aakula Nagalita, MPTC Aakula Anja Neilu, Venu, and Tehsildar Vijayalakshmi. On the occasion, the MP said that the training program was a boon for women and they wanted to take advantage of it. He wants to get salvation in service. Sarpanch Aakula Nagalita said that the opportunity comes to everyone at once and those who take advantage of it will stand as winners. Such an opportunity is like a golden opportunity for them to set up a Paramatma state next to our houses in our village. Women want to take advantage of this and live a comfortable life. She congratulated the members of the organization. Tehsildar Vijayalakshmi said women should change their lifestyle by attending sewing training classes. Sri Sri Sri Paramapita Sri Venkataramanacharya Guruvu praised the work being done by the charitable organization. He also said that under the auspices of the SC Corporation, women who have studied up to 7th standard are being given self-employment schemes and training classes and SC and ST women should also take advantage of them. Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mataji said that so far 125 people have been trained and certified. Those who train here will also be given a certificate. Afterward, the sewing machine training center was started by MP Aakula Aruna who started sewing new clothes with sewing machines. Afterward, Sri Sri Sri Paramapta Sri Venkataramanacharya Guruvu conducted a charity function on the occasion of Panchama worship. The event was attended by Paramasansthanam Trust Board members Mallikarjuna, Srinivasan’s, Mataji’s, and others.